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Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is more than just a hypnotherapy session with your therapist. It is a revolutionary advancement in psychoanalysis that aims to address, remove and prevent the issues that cause your pain as quickly as possible.


As an entrepreneur or business owner, this is especially attractive if you are looking for precision care that can offer quick results while you balance managing your business’s responsibilities. Keep reading to learn more about it and why Rapid Transformational Therapy for entrepreneurs is worth it.


What is Rapid Transformational Therapy?

The founder of the RTT method, Marisa Peer, describes this type of therapy as going to the emergency room. You don’t want to wait for the doctor to analyze every aspect of your body over multiple sessions before addressing your pain. You want immediate treatment.


RTT uses a unique line of questioning that uncovers what happened to you and how you felt and believed about the events. The most important part of this approach is that you are in control, not your therapist. RTT stresses the need for you to lead your healing so you are aware of your problems, thus avoiding them in the future.


How Does RTT work so fast?

Rapid Transformational Therapy works to pinpoint the root cause, which is when you develop negative habits and beliefs, instead of dissecting every early memory to uncover the truth of how and why these negative habits came to be. This is because of the flaws of the human mind, where even under hypnosis, it cannot recall memories with 100% accuracy. However, the emotions triggered by these memories are the focus, and those are used to create the storyline that becomes the basis for the healing process.


What can RTT Do for You?

Hypnotherapy for business owners may sound like a bunch of new-age nonsense, but RTT has a wealth of case studies and anecdotal evidence to back it up. Some observed benefits of this method include:

  1. Bypassing your body’s stress response, allowing you to approach business issues with a fresh, clear mindset
  2. Pushing through episodes of procrastination that are holding you back.
  3. Improving your sleep cycle and increasing deep sleep is proven to improve memory, strengthen immunity and boost energy levels.
  4. Eliminating negative and limiting thoughts that have you doubting yourself and your decisions
  5. Harnessing the power of your mind to visualize your success to provide a competitive advantage, especially in a niche market.
  6. Confronting fears, you may not even be aware that you are limiting your success.
  7. Improving overall mental health by combating anxiety, depression, and even ADHD.



Critics are the first to call Rapid Transformational Therapy a shortcut approach to therapy just because it doesn’t take months or years to locate and resolve issues. Despite such naysayers, RTT has proven itself as an effective tool time and time again, which is why it is the choice therapy for many CEOs and entrepreneurs today.

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