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One day, I opened the door and let myself out of prison

It may be, sometimes, hard to realize that we are the key holders of our own connection, of our own answers, of our own love, our own unlimited success, and our own freedom.

This is how I felt when I freed myself of pain, guilt, and anxiety. Connection with my clients is one of the highest priorities to the work I do.

Do you suffer from even just one of these?

Self-doubt, guilt, anxiety, lack of connection, feeling different, under valuing yourself, feeling like no matter what you do isn’t good enough or doesn’t matter,  feeling like you are being judged, approval seeking, never feeling satisfied, procrastination, never able to hit goals, feeling like an imposter, distracting yourself,  over thinking, catastrophic thoughts, or you just can’t find a loving partner.

You may have tried different forms of therapy before.  RTT is different.

Julie Edmonds Therapy

Rapid Transformational Therapy Changed My Life

As a life coach, business consultant, mother of three, and certified in RTT, I have been on this journey and know the kind of results RTT can deliver. And I stand by these words: RTT changed my life.  And I couldn’t be more proud of myself for taking these steps.

Time for a change

A Spiritual Influence

I want to be a spiritual influence and help people “free” themselves to higher more connected conscious living by working with their subconscious mind. To feel like they can trust themselves, love themselves, connect with their higher self, find peace within their soul, remove the turmoil and chaos that’s holding them back, and give them the courage & strength to move forward.

Self-Worth & Self-Expression

There are so many words to describe how we feel about ourselves, how we think about ourselves, and how we act toward ourselves. I want to help you love & trust yourself.

Abundance Consciousness

True abundance consciousness is opening our mind, heart & soul so wide so that every aspect of our existence — nourishment, money, energy, health, success, love, forgiveness, happiness, spirit – all flow into us without conditions.

Aligned Habits

Daily habits that keep me grounded, calm, focused, balanced, in control, and in align with my higher-self and life goals.
Rapid Transformational Therapy Works

I invite you to experience freedom & peace, and make a deep and lasting change in your life