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Have you ever become completely absorbed in a work of music, a book, or just your thoughts? This is quite similar to the state of hypnosis. When under hypnosis, a person is exceptionally receptive to an image or thought but is not “controlled” by anybody.

Hypnotherapy is an effective method for controlling anxieties and stress. A lot of that comes with being an entrepreneur. Therefore, if you’re curious about hypnotherapy for entrepreneurs but unsure if you need it, we have the answers to all your questions. Keep reading to find out.

Do I Need Hypnotherapy?

Many times people are open to the idea of hypnotherapy. However, they need to find out if they are suitable candidates. Here are three ways to know if hypnotherapy for business owners is something you should look into or not.

You Let Fear, Stress, and Anxiety Consume You

According to a survey conducted by UC Berkeley, 72% of business owners struggle with mental health issues. They found that among the business owners they looked at, 30% used to have depression at some point in their lives, 12% had problems with substance misuse, 19% also had ADHD, and 11% experienced bipolar illness.

Being in business involves countless anxieties, stresses, and fears. The anxiety of whether or not your clients will be satisfied, the stress about whether or not your business will succeed, and the fear of the unknown can overwhelm you and harm your mental health.

Through nonverbal or verbal signals, hypnosis encourages your brain to engage in its inherent state of relaxation. This lowers blood pressure, slows breathing, and creates a general sensation of tranquility.

You Have Issues Falling Asleep

The fact that the success or failure of your business is in your hands can keep entrepreneurs up at night. Hypnotherapy can be just what you need to obtain a good night’s sleep if you feel that sleep has become rare since starting your business.

Hypnosis is a tool hypnotherapists employ to treat various medical conditions. They can use it to assist a person in changing behaviors like sleeping patterns or unpleasant thoughts that could trigger insomnia.

If you have not slept in days and are looking to change this habit quickly, you can also try Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) which is like hypnotherapy on turbo mode and can help you achieve results faster.

You’ve Lost Touch with Your Success Mentality

Entrepreneurs occasionally establish their businesses with a success mentality. However, it is possible to lose touch with that success mentality somewhere along the way. Success does not happen overnight, and the road to success can occasionally be stressful and demotivating.

The mentality of an entrepreneur has the power to build or destroy a company.  A hypnotherapist can guide you in regaining that success-oriented mindset by rewiring your thoughts to align with your ambitions.

Final Words

So if you feel like you have been battling insomnia, fear, stress, anxiety, or feel disconnected from your success mindset since opening your business, Hypnotherapy or Rapid Transformational Therapy may be the answer to all your problems.

Have questions? I have answers. Schedule an appointment with me today!

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